Lock picking idea. Improved wastelander!

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Lock picking idea. Improved wastelander!

Postby metroidfighter » Sun Sep 14, 2014 7:30 pm

I've been hearing that some people want to be able to pick locks.
Eldar and the staff was like.... Well?
Well I may have a good, balanced solution. That make every one happy!

This is simple. Making the waste lander into a body guard, or some one you will want to have on a raid. :lol:

1. Have the lock picking skill. To the waste lander. ONLY!

2. Having a alarm system for the waste lander. To detect enemy players.
Or ones that have not been added to the white list.

3. Based on your level, 1-5. One being you will be detected instantly,
5 meaning very little chance to be detected. And you are faster at picking.

4. Using your own locks wont work. Nor any one on your friends/group
in the wasteland.

5. Waste lander, having a alarm system. One that will detect other people in
the vicinity. And show there name.

6. The alarm will detect a breaching charge as well. Setting off a sound
warn every one in the area to the break in. Same if picked, but less of
a chance. A bomb will have a 100% chance

7. A warning that a over watch has been activated, when players enter a
area of protection. Or there is a alarm in the area, and they are being

8. Using a door charge will set off the alarm instantly!

9. Only a waste lander can use alarms. Meaning they can turn them on....
And off as well. :D A way of hacking them. So if you are a high level
you can break in find the alarm and disable it in time. So you may want
hide your alarm box.

10. Max radius of 100 feet. Can set to lower. Also needs power. One solar
panel should do it.

11. Chances of being picked/deteced.
Lv 0 85% Lv 1 75% Lv 2 65% Lv 3 55% Lv 4 45% Lv 5 35%
speed/ is measured by the percent around a minute at Lv 0
at Lv 5 40 seconds. Also the area detection. Will scan the area
for a player If you are Lv 0 You will have a 85% of being detected.
Any player, than a waste lander will be detected instantly. This checks
only once. When a player enters the radius. If the player picks a lock,
it will check again.

12. You cant set the alarm to go off when a player enters a area.
Or to just warn you. If the player leaves the area when the alarm is
set it will turn off. The player that owns the alarm will get a message
of who.

13. Admin override. If admin touch all is on,
the alarms will ignore that admin. Or make your own setting in the
admin menu.

14. Things that can be picked. Car/Doors/Safeboxes/
To safe guard your things. Have multiple doors. Or Behind a key pad.

15. Then finally "YOU MUST MAKE YOUR OWN PICKS!"
Only a waste lander can make them. And you have a 20% chance,
to lose that pick every time you use it. Can increase chance in
a admin menu. This will need a HUD Interface 1 and 3 Servos
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Re: Lock picking idea. Improved wastelander!

Postby [TBU] CrazyKid » Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:18 am

I'm all for this idea
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Re: Lock picking idea. Improved wastelander!

Postby Remnant John » Wed Oct 22, 2014 2:35 pm

sounds pretty extreme for a lockpicking system, especially the alarm part.. perhaps just have it make a loud door-jiggling sound if their lockpick on a door fails.
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