Improved Mining System.

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Improved Mining System.

Postby clay » Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:46 pm

Improved Mining System.

I had this idea for PNRP and told Crazykid about it. But never posted it until now so I hope everyone likes it.

Sonic Miners.
Most of the time I've spent on PNRP I have used miners, made conveyor belts and well there's the problem there's not a lot you can do with Sonic/Super Sonic Miners so I propose new items to make miners more profitably. With ores, Ore Grinders,
Ingots/Bars of metal, and finely the long forgotten smelter.

We all know what ore is but I think miners should pop out ores instead of scrap and small parts like Iron, Copper, Tin, and other such ores so as to make more things and create the backbone of the post nuke industry.

Ore Grinders
Link: ... image.html
After getting the ore from the miners we then put the ore in the ore grinders and and get crushed ore to put into the smelters to make bars/ingots.

Ingots/Bars of metal
After the smelter is done with the crushed ore, it then can be made into ingots/bars to make weapons, miners, cars, and other goods the require metals.

I would really like to see such a system put on the server. This system would make it possible for scavengers to able to sell, something other then guns or scrap they find on the ground but something they made themselves.

Here's a link about Iron Ore Processing for the Blast Furnace: ... onore.ashx
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Re: Improved Mining System.

Postby noobkillah10 » Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:31 pm

That's sounds like a really cool idea! I'm guessing having two ways of producing parts, one with metals, the other with resources?
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