Suggestions for Post nuke

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Suggestions for Post nuke

Postby Wiktor12 » Sat Jul 05, 2014 2:09 pm

Suggestions for PNRP

Suggestion one Magazines and cartridges and new Bench and new rounds

Each weapon has there own specific Mag and Calibre. All of the Rounds will be be Renamed to suit whatever weapons there used in. Magazines when loaded or semi loaded can be used in
you're guns. A player can hold a Maximum of 3 unless a vest or some other clothing is equipped to help them keep it in the equipment menu. When reloaded The mag is droped on the floor with its rounds or not a player can then pick it up and reuse it or leave it there. When making bullets you will keep them with out a box and can be later be used in a mag or put into a box to decrease weight. When Making Rounds you use a New bench called the Reloading bench there you can make the cases primers bullets powder ETC. Allso add new Calibars

Suggestion Two Gun Assembly And jamming and more Guns

The Bench and CNC machine can be renamed to Part Makers and are used just to make parts for weapons. When Making a gun you open a GUI sort of like in and assemble it without tips. Guns Now can jam. There are 3 types of jamming Magazine jam where you're mag breaks Minor jam can be fixed by
simply reloading and complex jam where you have to take the gun apart and replace the part.

Suggestion Three Clothing
Clothing like vests pants shirts helmets etc are introduced using this you change how your character looks rather then changing your model sort of like in DAYZ.

Suggestion four More weapons
Which use Standard Gunpowder bullets and Pulse weapons.

Suggestion four Weather

Add a date system with day and night when a day passes it gets added on. Weather like rain and snow or hail. Month system so lets say in December instead of it raining it snows for example.

Suggestion Five NPCS
More Npcs. Add a new random event where rebel Model Bandits attack players they are Armed with Normal wasteland weapons and have around 150hp. More npcs like Ants or Mutant lizards you get the point.

Suggestion Six More electrical items
Vendors use power. Phones In-place Radios Holograms Force fields computers HL2 Encampment turret Lights spotlights

Suggestion Seven Cooking

New cooking GUI Based on your skill. New foods and meats

Suggestion Eight Condition

This sort of goes in part with the jamming. Miners and vendors have to be maintained same thing with any other Electrical equipment

Suggestion Nine Weapon upgrades

Well like it says in the Title Weapon upgrades

Suggestion ten Random Post war Vendors with Food and drinks. Post war Robots wondering the wastes.
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Re: Suggestions for Post nuke

Postby eldarstorm » Sun Jul 06, 2014 12:33 am

1 & 2
One of our admins was talking about this the other day. Not sure if we will do this. Our modeler is already looking at the models for it however.

As for the benches and tools, these will be changing in the near future. We have already started the planing phase for the new toils and workbenches. All classes will be more workbench dependent for creation.
I beleave I have mentioned this in other places on the forums before.
There will be more involved with making ammo and guns than there is now.
Some of the current tools may get phased out with the future tools/balancing update.

Not sure if we will do gun jamming though, we will have to poke at this idea some.

No go on this one. GMod is not like DayZ, we are stuck with many limitations with the fact that we are a gamemode for a mod for another game.

There are already some things we will add (Non gun related) in the near future.
Other than that it may be a while before we add more weapons to the gamemode. Modeling and animating weapons is alot more work than you would think, and most of what we would like to add we would need to model new weapons.

4 (You had two 4's)
We have already talked about a possible day/night cycle on the server, so that is a possibility.
As for rain, probably not. Rain on a map is dependent on elements that are added to the map.
Fog might be a possibility, we shall see.

More events with NPC's is a possibility. As far as mutant lizards, probably not. I know there are models with some fallout addons that they could be added from, but one of the rules we have in making PNRP is to make sure the base gamemode is not dependent on a addon. We also do not use other people's addon content int he base gamemode as well if can be helped.
We are looking into adding a few more of the existing zombie types that we have not used, and antlion types as well. This is something that is down the road, as we will also be looking into nextbot for NPC AI in the future as well.

There has been talk of making vendors use power, but doing so would make part of the vendor useless. Part of the function of a vendor is that you can leave it when you log off (Not near spawn). Requiring power would impede this.
We are looking into other things that will require power though, lights was one of them, so this is also a possibility in the future.
As for holographic stuff, probably not as it does not really fit the theme as well.

Cooking is already going to get a large revamp when we do the tool/balance update. As with the other classes they will require equipment to cook items. And new foods is allready being worked on. You should check the news on the steam group and the website. We have posted pics of some of the new food items there.

We have talked about something like this. More on this when we start working on the tools update.

Have talked about this already. Its a possibility. You have acualy seen a test of what we will do in the gamemode already (The scope on the pulse rifle)

Wondering vendors will probably not happen. Doing so could unbalance the player driven economy. (well more than it is already)

Many of these were good, but they were already on the planned feature list. Please read through the list before suggesting new ideas.
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