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List of suggestions

Postby LoudButton » Mon Jun 30, 2014 4:00 pm

Hello, I have some suggestions for the gamemode, some better than others, but I felt I'd submit them nontheless. I'd like to apologize for any spelling mistakes I made, English is not my first language.



  • Primary Attack: 5 damage and stun for 0.3 seconds (Cooldown between stuns)
  • Secondary Attack: Knocks back player/prop

Grenade Launcher

The grenade launcher would use grenades as ammunition, and possible the rpg model.

  • Primary Attack: Shoots a grenade
  • Secondary Attack: Aim down sight
  • Crafting:
    Class: Engineer
    Station: Workbench/CNC Mill


Enplacement Gun (Mounted Gun)

The enplacement gun would be a player controled alternative to the turret.

  • Power: 50/75
  • Damage: Same or close to the turrets
  • Crafting:
    Class: Scientist
    Items: Pulse Core

Veichle Cannon

The veichle cannon would be a attachment for the veichles. It would either use up fuel or be charged, and work similar to the ones in half life 2. The jeep would have its tau cannon and the airboat would have its pulse cannon, the jalopy could either have its own gun or have something else going for it.

  • Damage: Varies from cannons.
  • Crafting:
    Class: Scientist/Engineer
    Items: Pulse Core

Game Mechanics

Warscore (Credit to SS4312 for the idea)

Warscore would work as follows: Your goal is to raise the warscore to 100%, which will force your opponent to surrender. You opponent may offer to surrender before that, but at 100% he MUST surrender. If you need to bail out of the war, you can also seek peace like you usualy would, if the war has gone on for a bit and the warscore is still near even. Kills would grant about 5-7% warscore (breaking into enemy storages could also grant some). e.g. If your enemy kill 3 of your community, the warscore would be -21% for you, after that your community kill the enemy 10 times, the warscore would be 49%. This would make it so wars won't last forever because one community is losing and refuses to surrender.


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Re: List of suggestions

Postby [TBU] CrazyKid » Mon Jun 30, 2014 4:59 pm

Thanks for the suggestions!

The stun stick has been considered. Not very sure what we might do with it. It might wind up being an ultra-rare item you can find and repair. Not sure.

Not sure about the grenade launcher idea. Grenades can be tossed pretty far as it is. Seems a bit overpowered.

I do like the emplacement tool idea, with mounted turrets being an alternative to portable.

I like the idea of being able to place a cannon on my vehicle if I wanted to, would be pretty awesome. It's something also that has been discussed in the past.

The Warscore game mechanic idea is exceptionally great, and I'd love to see something like it implemented. Just talked with Loud a little bit over steam, and a demands system would go along with this very nicely, allowing the winner of a war to claim a profit, of up to half the enemy community's resources.
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