New Class: The Hermit

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New Class: The Hermit

Postby MrSprinkles » Tue Apr 01, 2014 10:17 am

So we have quite a few classes and each have their own special abilities and characteristics; but is that enough?

You see every class no matter what you do it all ends up the same. Everyone wants the biggest base, the most advanced security, the best weapons and all that stuff. This happens no matter what class you're in. What if that weren't the case though?

I introduce The Hermit. The hermit is a wild wastelander who over time has been driven to insanity and now lives a simple life in his shack yelling insults at random people and sometimes animals. The hermit usually lives alone or in a large group. Hermits help each other out and take care of each other.

Now onto The Hermits unique characteristics.

1. The Hermit is similar to the scavenger in that they have quicker scavenging speed and quicker speed.
2. The Hermit cannot own doors and instead builds small shacks either in the wastes, outside someones base, or inside if they can get in (If they settle in a base they can be killed and if killed they cannot go back for a certain amount of time and must remove the shed)
3. Hermits can eat raw food. The hermit is accustomed to having uncooked meals and has built up a natural resource against food poisoning.
4. Hermits take less damage from antlions or aren't attacked at all. This is because antlions are used to the hermit and sometimes even consider them friends. This does not affect zombies and they will attack and do the same amount of damage.
5. Since antlions either do less damage or dont attack, humans do more damage since hermits are not used to being attacked by them.
6. Since Hermits roam the wastes they are immune to rad storms.

So that is the hermit. Please feel free to suggest anything about this class, change it, or take away stuff. I feel like this class would be a balance between challenging by having to build their own base, and interesting by not taking rad damage and less or no antlion damage.
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Re: New Class: The Hermit

Postby Jezrin » Fri May 30, 2014 9:48 am

I think this class is a great idea! I really think the postnuke rp creators should think about this. Although I'm not sure how difficult it would be to create a whole new class, but I just think it's a cool idea. Although maybe not total immunity to the rad storm, I think maybe immunity to it for a certain amount of time; or maybe add an immunity time bar that let's you see how much time you have until you're no longer immune, and when you're not in a rad storm, it slowly recharges. This would be a good class for new people on the server to, because of the immunity to food poisoning and the annoying yet deadly Antlions. Although, I think if you attack the Antlion first it will attack you back because then you could just farm Antlions with no problem. Other than those two things, I give this suggestion two huge thumbs up, great idea man! :D :D
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