Vehicle damage

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Vehicle damage

Postby TheMrFailz » Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:45 pm

If you've read my previous suggestions please ignore them as I suggested them about a year ago and even I realize they're idiotic now.

Also note: I've read the car tires/car vs car thread in this subforum and my idea's a bit different.

So as the title suggests, I suggest adding a damage system for cars/vehicles where bullets and crashes (As in hitting things) cause damage to the car that over time will hinder the performance of the car. I do not suggest tire popping and what not like the other thread, just general damage to the whole car to keep things simple. After a decent bit of damage, smoke will start to form from the engine. At first it's light grey but after a while it turns to a dark grey/black and fire starts to emit from the car. This would give you a general idea of how damaged your car is. Once you hit the point of smoke/fire your car starts to move a bit slower and steering may or may not become worse. If your car looses all it's health it explodes and becomes temporarily un-usable. This damage is applied as a constant state for the car and it cannot be repaired by picking up/placing. HOWEVER, the car can be repaired at the cost of some scrap and small parts. The more damage, the more it costs/the longer it takes to repair.

The reasons I suggest this is because if you have a car/airboat, you literally almost don't need weapons anymore. Zombies/antalions? Just run em over. However, if this was implemented, heavier foes like zombies and especially antalion guards would cause a bit of damage on hit. Not so much that you want to avoid hitting them all together (Obviously this doesn't apply to the guard.), just enough so that you don't want to do it too often. I suggest hitting npcs/players causing damage as well as hitting objects because if you were to hit someone in real life, you'd get a bit of damage done to your vehicle. This would be especially true because we are after all driving cars made from scrap metal and ducktape. Antalions (Regular) would not cause vehicle damage because they are rather light and practically insects. If hitting them is enough to turn them into a bunch of goo, then full on ramming them should do literally nothing.

In terms of vehicle health, airboats should have (Somewhat) low health, jeeps have medium health, and Jalopy's would have health a bit higher then that.

Repairing could either be manually done or done via driving the car near a repair station of some sort. A repair station could bring the need for people to make makeshift garages as a way to repair their vehicle and keep out of harm's reach.

One last idea: The worse a vehicle is in terms of health, the more fuel it "consumes" due to leaks and fires eating up fuel.

All this could make vehicles a bit more interesting while keeping them valuable/a luxury in the Apocalypse.
I support using pulleys as an alternative to winches.
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Re: Vehicle damage

Postby eldarstorm » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:15 pm

Interesting idea.
As with the car mod idea, not sure if its something we would be able to do. We will have to see how much of the vehicle script we can control.
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Re: Vehicle damage

Postby LostInTheWired » Wed Feb 05, 2014 10:23 pm

Just a quick note, as I don't have time to read it all right now, killing zombies/ants with your car does not net you XP or drops, so there is a pretty big downside to it.
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