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So, I have started my own UO Shard using RunUO. I also have a UOCartographer server running. The main address for the server will be given out as I see fit.

You can get the client for free at http://www.uoherald.com/downloads
Get the Classic version

Afeter downloading this, install it and run the Client for the first time to let it fully patch up. It should patch to 7.0.12

You will then need to download this: http://www.connectuo.com/

After installing ConnectUO, you should then click Settings and then Ultima Online and set the path to your UO Install folder
Then click on the “Local Server”
Then click “Add Local Server”
Put in the address [Ask me for it] and click OK

Now you should be able to click Play and start it up.

At this point just put in a Username and Password and it will auto create a account.

I have also installed a UOCartographer server as well.
To run this you will need to install Razor: http://www.runuo.com/razor/
You will then need to go into your Settings on ConnectUO and check the “Launch Razor with Client” Option

Now you will need to download UOCartographer: http://www.uocartographer.com/

After installing Cartographer, dont run it yet. you will need to run this after you log in.

Once you are logged in, start Cartographer, and hit OK untill you just have a black screen.
Right click on this screen and press Options. Make sure both the top check boxes are unchecked, and then set the CC Path to your UO Classic directory. Ignore the EC Path

You will then need to set the Server Settings.
Address: [Ask me for it]      Password: [Ask me for it]

User Name: Whatever you want it to be.
Port: 11000

Hit OK, and restart Cartographer. It will then generate the maps (May take a while).
Once its done, right click and press Connect to connect to the server.

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