1. The Builders Union [TBU]


    I have started a build server for the TBU group that Metroidfighter and I started. We allready have a Spacebuild server as well.

    Spacebuild Server:

    Build Server:

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  2. PostNukeRP Changing Servers


    I am changing the services that I use for server hosting. I have been having too may problem with our old service . There has been lag to the point you can not spawn props, random server crashes, and little support. Have even been getting error messages when trying to start the service as well. The gamemode and addons used for PostNukeRP are tested on a dedicated Dev server and works fine. When there is no lag on the server it works fine. This problem has also been plaguing the TEC build server as well.

    The old server will be up to close to a month since the payment went through recently, but the new server will be up in the next couple of days. The new address for the server will be 

    The TEC build server will also be moved at a later time as well.

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  3. GMod update 90


    Dev and Live PNRP servers have been updated to this. If anyone is having problems connecting to a server, the server will have to be updated. No issues yet to report, have not done alot of testing yet. Anyway, found the patch notes at http://store.steampowered.com/news/4079/ and here they are.

    GMod update 90

  4. Fixed datapack client crash when trying to join misconfigured server
  5. Fixed crash in point_viewcontrol
  6. Increased max ragdoll bones to 32
  7. Fixed manhack crash
  8. Fixed weaponless combine npc crash
  9. Fixed Lua related NPC crashes
  10. Fixed unclickable message boxes
  11. Fixed crash when trying to retrieve the gamemode description
  12. Added surface.DrawCircle( x, y, radius, color )
  13. Added surface.DrawTexturedRectUV( x, y, w, h, scalex, scaley )
  14. Added Panel:SizeToChildren()
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  16. Servers patched for GMod Update 89


    All three servers (Build, PNRP, and Dev) are patched with the new GMod update. There has been information going around that this update seems to break the game. As far as I have tested, there seems to be no more than the usuall buggyness.

    The connection issues seem to stem from one of three things: the client beeing out of date, the server beeing out of date, or FastDownload servers needing to update thier cache after updating.

    GMod Update 89 Patch Notes:

    1. Fixed multiplayer dialog error
    2. Fixed rendering onto VGUI
    3. Fixed fast zombie crash
    4. Added menu_plugins for menu addon creators
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  17. PostNukeRP HotFix FindInSphere issue


    Due to a recent update to Garry’s Mod FindInSphere has stopped tracing players. From what I have seen this may have to do with the recent SetHull fix.

    So untill this is resolved the Trade Menu now has unlimited range.

    Only other known bug right now is with the radar. At the present it will not pick up players. I am leavign this untill a patch comes out to fix the FindInSphere problem.

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  18. Patch Notes 38 and gm_postnuke_beta_3


    Happy 4th of July
    Big update for PostNukeRP, we have finally gotten the new tools for the other classes up and running. I think you will find these alot of fun. I have also compleated gm_postnuke_beta_3 as well. I added a few soundscapes, fixed the reflection map issue, and made it so NPCs can not enter the spawn room.

    Patch Notes 38:

    1. Added Wasteland Worms for the Science Class
    2. Added Radar for the Wastelander Class
    3. Added Sonic Miner for the Scavinger Class
    4. Changed the Smelter from Science to Engineer
    5. Added Fade affect to the shop and inventory menues
    6. Greatly increased storage space of vehicles
    7. Updated Help Menu

    Have fun

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  19. PostNukeRP Live Server Updates


    The RNRP server will be down for a while today as I run updates on it.

    I will also be updating PostNukeRP to 38 with some neat tools for the other classes. I may also be updating the map to a version that does not have the reflection map issue if it checks out ok. On the next map version, mobs will not be able to enter the spawn room.

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  20. Patch Notes 37


    Few bug fixes and a feature that has been requested. Your low endurance and hunger should no longer sneak up on you. The plan interface should be more friendly now and you can change your HUD to a larger one.
    Will have more HUDs available later.

    Well, here are the patch notes:

    1. Fixed: Console /say
    2. Fixed: Players can no longer own the world
    3. Fixed: Players can no longer own other players
    4. Added: Color tool can no longer be used on other players
    5. Added: Color tool can only be used on props owned by the player
    6. Added: HUD now indicates low Endurance, HP, and Hunger more.
    7. Added: Player now uses npc Hunger voice when hunger gets low.
    8. Updated: Players can now swap between two available HUDs using pnrp_HUD in console.
    9. More HUDs to come
    10. Updated: Plant Interface


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  21. Updates over the weekend


    Should see some updates to PostNukeRP over the weekend. I allready have a few updates done on the dev server waiting to get pushed, but wanted to get a few more things added.

    A upcomming feature that a few have requested was for something to warn the player that thier Hunger or Endurance is getting low. Will be working on adding something for this.

    Some allready fixed bugs: 
    The problem of people owning each other and the world. That has been fixed and will be pushed out.
    Color tool will also be opened backup to guests since Prop-protection now restricts the tool from beeing used on other people or props that are not owned (F12).

    Just thought I would let you guys know that we are still around and still working on the gamemode.

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