Patch Notes 41
Eldar Storm | August 14th, 2010

Mainly bug fixes and the addition of a new system to help with people leaving thier tools out.

  1. Grubs now add to the world cache when breed.
  2. Grubs are now removed from world cache when they die
  3. Grubs now spawn 1 chem per 60sec
  4. Fixed bug with Smelter
  5. All tools owned by player auto return to inventory when they leave.
  6. Fixed several server side error messages
  7. Fixed bug with Miner (Not Starting)
  8. Fixed Bug with Radar
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GMod Update 94
Eldar Storm | August 6th, 2010

All servers have been updated.

  1. Fixed server freezing
  2. Fixed Cloudscript failing in non english
  3. [TTT] Changed ragdoll (corpse) carrying to be easier
  4. [TTT] Changed fall damage to be lower if you land on another player, and made it damage them as well
  5. [TTT] Changed mute team key for spectators to F2 (was Alt)
  6. [TTT] Added version number to game description in server browser, with an asterisk if custom weapons are present
  7. [TTT] Added quick switch to slot 7 and back under the Noclip key, or with “ttt_equipswitch”
  8. [TTT] Added “ttt_quickslot (number)” command for switching to a slot without the menu
  9. [TTT] Fixed corpse data networking to be more reliable
  10. [TTT] Fixed Silenced Pistol not letting you take pistol ammo
  11. [TTT] Fixed replaced player spawn ents not taking effect until the second round
  12. [TTT] Fixed error in weapon spawning fallback for weaponless maps
  13. [TTT] Fixed issue where carried objects would jitter
  14. [TTT] Fixed Traitor crosshairs not being red
  15. [TTT] Fixed DNA Scanner and Binoculars world model being visible when held
  16. [TTT] Fixed error spam when a voice indicator was created for a nonexistent player
  17. [TTT] Fixed damage by thrown props not getting attributed to the throwing player

TTT = Trouble in Terrorist Town.

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GMod Update 93
Eldar Storm | August 4th, 2010

All servers have now been updated to this.

  1. Fixed rare crash when downloading cloudscript entities
  2. Fixed cloudscript entities not working after map restart
  3. Prevented common SuperDOF crash
  4. Fixed ammo count displaying wrong if too high
  5. Fixed DColorCircle spamming the console
  6. Updated Trouble In Terrorist Town
  7. Updated Dog Fight Arcade
  8. Removed “changed name” message
  9. Added render.Spin()
  10. Added DComboBox:GetSelectedValues()
  11. Fixed Player:IsBot() clientside
  12. Shared Player.SetWalkSpeed( f )
  13. Shared Player.GetWalkSpeed()
  14. Shared Player.SetRunSpeed( f )
  15. Shared Player.GetRunSpeed()
  16. Shared Player.SetCrouchedWalkSpeed( f)
  17. Shared Player.GetCrouchedWalkSpeed()
  18. Shared Player.SetDuckSpeed( f )
  19. Shared Player.GetDuckSpeed()
  20. Shared Player.SetUnDuckSpeed( f )
  21. Shared Player.GetUnDuckSpeed()
  22. Shared Player:SetNoCollideWithTeammates( b )
  23. Shared Player:GetNoCollideWithTeammates()
  24. Shared Player:SetAvoidPlayers( b )
  25. Shared Player:GetAvoidPlayers()
  26. Shared Player:SetAllowFullRotation( b )
  27. Shared Player:GetAllowFullRotation()
  28. Shared Entity:SetGravity()
  29. Shared ents.FindByModel()
  30. Added Entity:GetGravity()
  31. Added Entity:GetFriction()
  32. Added Entity:GetElasticity()
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PostNukeRP Server has Moved
Eldar Storm | July 31st, 2010

The day has come. PostNukeRP will has moved to a new service. The old server will be up for the remainder of this payment period (week or two), but I will not be backing up anything from it after now. I have moved all the dupes and inventory files from the old server to the new one. I have also hard coded the message into the HUD on the old server.

New address:

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Patch Notes 40
Eldar Storm | July 31st, 2010

Added a upgrade forfor the radar.

Patch Notes:

  1. Added a new tool to upgrade the radar.
  2. Changed Player to Players in the Tab Menu
  3. Updated help menu with new tool info
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GMod Update 92
Eldar Storm | July 30th, 2010

All servers are now up to date with this version: Dev, TEC Build, TBU Build, TBU Spacebuild, PNRP Server, and the new upcomming PNRP server.

Here are the patch notes:

  1. Added fretta gamemode “Trouble in Terrorist Town”
  2. Added fretta gamemode “Dogfight: Arcade Assault”
  3. Fixed laggy camera tracking
  4. Fixed loadtime reporting sometimes not working
  5. Fixed map cleanup removing physgun beam
  6. Removed gm_mem_dump (server lag exploit)
  7. Fixed game_text not displaying
  8. Fixed startup problems caused by bad scripts/dsp_presets.txt
  9. HTML Control now supports back/forward mouse buttons
  10. AddConsoleCommand now takes an optional help parameter
  11. CreateConVar now takes an optional help parameter
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Patch Notes 39
Eldar Storm | July 28th, 2010

More of a major bug fix than much of anything else.

  1. Fixed bug that allowed stacking or duplication of Tools
  2. Updated Prop Control to better protect all items in the itembase
  3. Adjusted location of weight text in Inventory Screens
  4. Added text displaying how many players are online
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The Builders Union [TBU]
Eldar Storm | July 26th, 2010

I have started a build server for the TBU group that Metroidfighter and I started. We allready have a Spacebuild server as well.

Spacebuild Server:

Build Server:

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PostNukeRP Changing Servers
Eldar Storm | July 26th, 2010

I am changing the services that I use for server hosting. I have been having too may problem with our old service . There has been lag to the point you can not spawn props, random server crashes, and little support. Have even been getting error messages when trying to start the service as well. The gamemode and addons used for PostNukeRP are tested on a dedicated Dev server and works fine. When there is no lag on the server it works fine. This problem has also been plaguing the TEC build server as well.

The old server will be up to close to a month since the payment went through recently, but the new server will be up in the next couple of days. The new address for the server will be 

The TEC build server will also be moved at a later time as well.

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GMod update 90
Eldar Storm | July 16th, 2010

Dev and Live PNRP servers have been updated to this. If anyone is having problems connecting to a server, the server will have to be updated. No issues yet to report, have not done alot of testing yet. Anyway, found the patch notes at and here they are.

GMod update 90

  • Fixed datapack client crash when trying to join misconfigured server
  • Fixed crash in point_viewcontrol
  • Increased max ragdoll bones to 32
  • Fixed manhack crash
  • Fixed weaponless combine npc crash
  • Fixed Lua related NPC crashes
  • Fixed unclickable message boxes
  • Fixed crash when trying to retrieve the gamemode description
  • Added surface.DrawCircle( x, y, radius, color )
  • Added surface.DrawTexturedRectUV( x, y, w, h, scalex, scaley )
  • Added Panel:SizeToChildren()
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