PNRP Update 45 – Comming Soon
Eldar Storm | October 15th, 2010

Taking a break from the map for a bit and we are working on update 45. Other than some bug fixes we are adding the Community System. Now players will be able to form thier own communities on the server.

Will explain more on this later.

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Update on WastedWaters
Eldar Storm | October 8th, 2010

Still working on the map. For the most part all of the buildings in the town have been created. Still have some detail work to do, but will start on that once I finish more of the map.
Currently I am building a military base on the map with a air field. Will post some pics of the city and the base once its more along.

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Updated the gmod Hammer info
Eldar Storm | September 26th, 2010

I have updated the settings needed for using Garrys Mod in hammer. Help/Info

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Screenshot of WastedWaters
Eldar Storm | September 22nd, 2010

Just a screenshot of my first compleated building on the new map. Still a lot of work to be done.
WastedWaters Gas Station

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New map for PostNukeRP
Eldar Storm | September 14th, 2010

New map made by Metroidfighter for PostNukeRP. This map is a underground vault/bunker with tunnels that can be accessed through the sewer system. On the PNRP server, this is where you will find your resources.

The map has been fully noded and is still a work in progress. It takes advantage of the new inside spawning system that has been added to PNRP. You can find the map in the Downloads section.

Have Fun!

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Patch Notes 44
Eldar Storm | September 10th, 2010

Just a few bug fixes.

  1. Fixed getallcars code that stopped tool pickup from working
  2. Fixed Mounds to work correctly with inside spawner
  3. Fixed Equipment Menu (Now works correctly with Car and Inventory)
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Patch Notes 43
Eldar Storm | September 6th, 2010

This is a big one, the new Spawn System is here. Beware!
Here are the patch notes.

  1. New Spawning system installed.
  2. Added Indoor Spawner
  3. Indoor spawner will auto disable if props are detected
  4. Indoor spawner will disable id linked door is owned
  5. Added better control over spawning system
  6. Added Antlion Mounds to the spawning system
  7. Added AI so Antlions will return to their mound when a enemy is detected near by
  8. Added sTool for placing Grid Nodes
  9. Added viewable bounding box for range of grid nodes
  10. Added Equipment Menu for equipped weapons and ammo
  11. Added spawn protection system, this will delete props within range of the player spawn entities
  12. Added the ability if the spawn protection system to make doors in range unownable
  13. Fixed bug that allowed the Radar to be moved after synch started
  14. Fixed noclip explit when picking up your car while in it
  15. Added timer to delay equiping weapons to reduce the loss equipment bug
  16. Added save player after you wake up
  17. Added admin overide to start the miner
  18. Added admin overide to use the orange plant
  19. Added options into the Admin menu to controle new features
  20. Fixed bug with Prop Blocking system
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Patch Notes 42
Eldar Storm | August 29th, 2010

Just one line in the patch notes.

  1. Upgrade to the Prop Control System

There now also a Derma menu system to make it easy to add and remove items from Prop Control

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Eldar Storm | August 26th, 2010

Took a bit longer than expected to get around to this, but here is the night version of beta_4. Same patch notes as the day. Can be either downloaded via the server or from the Downloads page here.

I have also fixed some errors that I had on the downloads page, so files should now download with the correct extention.

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GMod update 96
Eldar Storm | August 24th, 2010

All servers have now been updated to 96. I have also done the mad cow weapon fix on the Dev server.

Path Notes:

  1. Fixed viewmodel animations lagging
  2. Fixed weapons sometimes ejecting more than one shell at a time
  3. Fixed cloudscript sometimes spawning the wrong entity type
  4. Fixed Lua errors caused by bad Voice entity
  5. Fixed physics crash due to dubious Lua coding
  6. Restored click delay on physgun
  7. Increased max Lua Particle Emitter limit
  8. Added toybox_entity command to spawn cloudscripts offline (take filename as argument)
  9. Added SWEP:DoImpactEffect( tr, type )
  10. Added Particle:GetColor()
  11. Fixed draw.RoundedBoxEx
  12. [TTT] Added bonus credit for players who are the only traitor in a round
  13. [TTT] Changed smoke grenade graphical effects to give better performance
  14. [TTT] Changed detective hats to be disabled by default for now
  15. [TTT] Changed tutorial to be more robust, and removed full help text (see TTT site instead)
  16. [TTT] Fixed player in spectate-only mode appearing as MIA in a certain case
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