More community involvment!
LostInTheWired | August 3rd, 2011

Well, I thought I’d start doing some more community friendly news posts.  Something to give everyone some ideas of what’s going on.  Check it out on the forums!

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PNRP Patch Notes 48.4
Eldar Storm | July 31st, 2011

Just a couple of things.

  1. Fix for the sniper scope speed
  2. New Tool: Super Sonic Miner
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Eldar Storm | July 28th, 2011

Good news and bad news. has gone under it seems without letting anyone know.

Good news is, I never ended up swapping to these guys.

Bad news, our Minecrafter server was with these guys. But we do have a backup from the 19th

We will be trying out If everything goes fine with the Minecraft server, I will probably move the PNRP and Buil servers over there. If I do move the PNRP server, I will be upping the slot number.

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Dev forums fix
Eldar Storm | July 25th, 2011

There seems to have been a problem with the Dev forums sending avtivation emails. I have now fixed this issue.

I activated a few accounts manually, but if you registered, you should be able to get it to resend the email now.

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PostNukeRP Tutorial
Eldar Storm | July 13th, 2011

One of my Admins for the server made a really good tutorial video for PostNukeRP. Hope this helps some of the new guys out there.

Thanks CrazyKid and those who helped film it.

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World of Warcraft Addon Pack Update
Eldar Storm | July 10th, 2011

Not much, just a update to the addon pack. It can be found in the download section.

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Garrys Mod 125
Eldar Storm | June 28th, 2011

Servers have been updated. I thought they were updated after this went through, but for some reason it did not take. Both should be good now.

Patch Notes:

Fixed crash on startup

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Garrys Mod Update 124 and ASSMod fix
Eldar Storm | June 16th, 2011

I have patched the issue with ASSMod that has been causing overflow crashes when people try to join.

I have also updated wire on both servers and updated Garrys Mod as well.

Patch Notes: 124

Disabled +use pickups for TTT


CalcView hook now passes and accepts znear and zfar
Fixed Entity:CreateParticleEffect not taking the position correctly
Added Entity:GetNetworkAngles() (client)
Added Entity:SetNetworkAngles( a ) (client)
Added Entity:GetNetworkOrigin() (client)
Added Entity:SetNetworkOrigin( v ) (client)
Added Entity:BecomeRagdollOnClient() (client, returns ent)

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PNRP Patch Notes 48.3
Eldar Storm | June 14th, 2011

Since we have been doing more hot fixes, I have started breakign up the patch numbers more. 48.1 and 48.2 are the two previous hot fixes.

  1. Miner is now fixed. When active Tools can no longer be used on it.
  2. Radar is fixed. Had the same issues as the miner.
  3. Sniper Scope Texture Fix
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PNRP – Another Miner Fix [Temp Fix] 48.2
Eldar Storm | June 13th, 2011

Uploaded a temp fix for the miner lag issue. This will fix the issue of having multiple miners out and it lagging the server really bad. This will also fix the problem that kept the miner from turning on.

The issue had to deal with the miner welding itself to the world. This has been turned off for the moment. The miner is still frozen though, but we will address the weld issue later. I am pushing this fix now since it is a lag causing issue and can not wait for a full patch.

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