Steam Accounts getting Phished (stolen)

Eldar Storm |
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For those who do not know, Phishing is when someone gets your account info by pretending to be someone else and then takes the account.

There has been a rash of accounts beeing phished by the getting PM’s about a Steam Group. Needless to say the page is fake, and the group is not real. It will take you to a page that looks like steam and there will be a log in box on the left. DO NOT log into this, if you do your account will be stolen and they will use it to send it out even more.

The site in question is “www steampowered pips ru”, and yes I took the dots out to keep anyone from mistakingly linking to it and logging in.

1 Comment

  1. SeveredSkullz

    Good. I don’t want any more people getting their precious games stolen. i guess this is what I get for getting on the computer right after waking up. Wasn’t paying attention at all… Steam is also taking freaking forever to respond… Mabye they just don’t work on weekends…

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