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PNRP New Food, Changes, and Beta Testing

Few things:
New Food Item added later this week
So in a effort to add some stuff to the live server in the mean time, we will be adding a new food item this weekend that was created by Postman. This should help alot with food issues and such.

Patch Notes
Some Patch Notes so far, you can get the more up to date list here.

  • Replaced Datastreams with new net code
  • Old dcoloredbox.lua now included in gamemode
  • Fixed Admin menu (was broekn due to derma changes)
  • Fixed Community Menu
  • Fixed Tab Icons (silkicons) and changed a few
  • Fixed Inventory
  • Fixed Car Inventory
  • Fixed Trade Menu
  • Fixed Equipment menu
  • Fixed 357 ammo
  • Fixed Skills menu
  • Fixed Prop block menu
  • Fixed HUD Font Issue
  • Spawn grid converted to SQL
  • Inventory converted to SQL
  • Community converted to SQL
  • Player Data converted to SQL
  • New Community Titles
  • New RP Names added
  • New Profile system added
  • New Profile Picker menu added at startup
  • New HUD added (pnrp_HUD 3)
  • Construction system re-write
  • World Cache SQL Update
  • Processes removed
  • Press E on resources auto swaps to hands
  • Progress bar added to Gathering
  • Progress bar added to Construction
  • Resources now is based on number of tries than amount of resources
  • Items can now be hidden from the shop menu (Oranges)

Beta Testing
In the near future we will start opening up the Dev server for beta testing. To be eligible, you will need to be at least respected or above on the Live PostNukeRP server. You will also need a Garrys Mod 13 beta key, if you do not have one, you can try to pick on up next weekend. Watch Garry’s Twitter for more details on when they will be released.

Just remember, just becouse you have a key, does not mean you gain access to the server. I will post more on this when we get closer to beta testing.

Posted by: Eldar Storm on Monday, March 26th, 2012 at 12:14 PM
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