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PNRP Patch Notes 46 New Weapon System

The new weapons are now on the Live server. As said before, this is our first step for the skill system. All existing weapons owned by players have been converted to the new ones. You will notice some new types of weapons and some changups to the old lineup.

One of the new items is the Shaped Charge. This can be used on Doors or Antlion Mounds. The shotgun can no longer bust down doors.

I have also included in the patch notes the hotfixes that we have done since 45. The server will be back up after the upload is finished.

  1. Added New weapon system (by LostInTheWired) Existing weapons owned by players have been converted
  2. Added the ability to lower weapon using Walk-Right Click (Alt-Right Click by default)
  3. Added Shaped Charge (Can be used on Doors and Antlion Mounds)
  4. Added the ability to pickup Bulk Build boxes with F2
  5. Added the ability for Prop Allowed to override some of the blanket bans in prop control
  6. Fixed issue with Bulk Build not charging the player
  7. Fixed issue with having 1 grenade when loading
  8. Fixed Issue with door breaking if a co-owner left
  9. Removed Weapon Seats, regular seats can be spawned from the Q menu
  10. Optimized a few datastreams dealing with inventory
Posted by: Eldar Storm on Thursday, November 11th, 2010 at 2:54 AM
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2 Responses to “PNRP Patch Notes 46 New Weapon System”

  1. Lord Rahl says:

    Out of sheer curiosity, why were weapon seats

  2. Eldar Storm says:

    We were having alot of glitches with them. Sone kind of camera issue. Will probably look at adding them back later once some of the bugs are fixed.