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  1. Garrys Mod Virus


    As most people allready know there is a virus that is spreading accross the GMod world. It travels from person to person via the server.

    I have tried protecting the servers as best I can using the methods posted on Facepunch so the TBU servers should be safe. I will be checking the servers alot over the next few days to make sure they stay clean.

    If you have become infected use this file, it is a batch file that will delete the files that the virus uses.

    For more info on this issue:


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  2. PostNukeRP Website Update


    Finally got around to fixing the overlay issue with the PostNukeRP website.

    Text and such should be easy to read now. Its basically using the template I developed for the CyberPunkRP website. Of course that template was a fixed version of the PNRP one, but its all working now.

    I have also enlarged the content space for the PNRP site.

    If you don’t know the link, its

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  3. PostNukeRP 1.1.2 Update


    Before you get all excited, this update promotes our unstable branch to stable.

    So nothing new has been added to the server on this update. The Live Official server has allready been running these changes and fixes. But we needed to post the 1.1.2 update before starting on the 1.2.0 update. There will be more info on upcoming PNRP 1.2

    For now, Patch Notes:

    1. Added flaregun SWEP, used for signaling.
    2. Added new Display Items for Vendors
    3. Adds the needed line to allow F2 use on the Display Item
    4. Added new gas system for vehicles
    5. Bird Pets added
    6. Improved some of the Pet AI
    7. Fixed Active field on Event Menu in Admin Menu
    8. Fix to keep turrets from attacking bird pets
    9. Fix to Map Grid Import, now dependent on file name.
    10. Created new Item Category, Misc
    11. Moved pets and paper to the Misc Category
    12. Moved Admin Menu button to the right hand menu.
    13. Added Misc Tabs to Inventory and Shop Menus
    14. Fixed bug with grid imports
    15. Removed Holo FX from Display Items
    16. Fixed issues with several community menus
    17. Fixed some issues with duplicate menus
    18. Community Window now does partial page refresh
    19. Added Community War/Ally system
    20. Added Recursive war system
    21. Added Community Pending system
    22. Added Community Buddy system
    23. Added Ally Buddy System
    24. Added Death Bonuses for communities at war
    25. Fixed Error keeping people from opening the Community Window (nil oCID Error)
    26. Fixed Unable to open empty communities in Admin Menu
    27. Fixed unable to open communities in Admin Menu with missing oCID’s
    28. Fixed Player Community info not getting reset when a player leave a community
    29. Disbanding a community will now remove itself from other community diplomacy
    30. Orphaned Communities still in Community Diplomacy now shows a error indicating it needs to be canceled.
    31. Fix for duplication exploit with allot of entities.
    32. Fixed Miner Health Bug (applies to both miners)
    33. Fixed Infinite items exploit
    34. Fixed Community Minimum Member Requirement
    35. Fixed Shaped Charges not sticking
    36. Fixed Outdoors / Indoors Detection (Increased height)
    37. Balanced drop rates from piles
    38. Fixed spelling issues here and there.
    39. Thanks to Crazy for the above fixes
    40. Infinite Item Fix provided by Bizzclaw
    41. Fixed Pet and Paper duplication bug
    42. Fixed Pet ragdoll spam when death from fire
    43. Fixed infinite fuel exploit in generators
    44. Fixed Inventory showing items with a count of 0
    45. Fixed Hands Console spam due to invalid view model
    46. Fixed Open Car Inventory without car exploit
    47. Fixed Car to Inv item exploit
    48. Fixed Power Tool Mouse2 glitch, where power networks wouldn’t split correctly
    49. Fixed Prop banning exploit using escaped file paths
    50. Fixed Hull type for Fast Head Crab Pet
    51. Fixed turrets killing pets
    52. Fixed duplication exploits with death cases
    53. Fixed duplication exploits with Equipment menu
    54. Added new Tool, the Hopper
    55. Fixed power bug with turret
    56. Fixed power bug, doubling power output with single generator
    57. Fixed wording in Admin Menu
    58. Bugfix in the slam, causing doors not to open if they are locked when slammed.
    59. Set the max soundlevel on the radios to 100.
    60. Fixed bug with Hopper sound
    61. Added /motd as a chat command

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