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  1. Update Progress and Twitter


    Yes, I said twitter. Never really had a need to use it really, but now it seems I do. I apreciate all the PMs I get asking for updates, but I realized this was a better means of a more active update method. You can follow be at

    As for updates, here it goes:

    • Datastream to Net code conversion – Done
    • Derma issues – Not so much. Its beeing a pain.
    • Other issues due to the new changes – Not as bad as I thouht. No idea at the moment TBH

    Ok, the las bullet is true, I thought it was rather bad untill I setup a dedicated Dev server running beta, after that, alot of the issues went away. We did not really build PNRP to run off of singleplayer.

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  2. Megaupload gets hit by the Feds/Feds get his by Anonymous


    Kind of game news in a way, since some of the map makers in the PostNukeRP Community use this site to transfer map files.

    Today was taken down by the Justice Department. According to the site linked below, thay are suspected to be involved with “the Mega Conspiracy”

    The indictment accuses the suspects of being members of “the Mega Conspiracy, a worldwide criminal organization whose members engaged in criminal copyright infringement and money laundering on a massive scale.”

    In retaliation for this attack Anonymous brought down the sites for the Department of Justice, Universal Music Group, RIAA and Motion Picture Association of America.

    More information here

    Just thought I would post this out there for the few that do check the site.

    Edit: More info about the indictment on Megaupload: Ars Technica

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  3. State of PostNukeRP


    Posting this since not everyone seems to check the forums for current updated info.

    PostNukrRP is not dead. We have held off on new updates and fixes in light of the upcomming changes for Garrys Mod. For those who do not know, the next update will break alot of addons and gamemodes since it will affect the way it communicates.

    I have managed to get a beta key, so I will be looking into it shortly. LostInTheWired still is unable to get online as of right now, but has been working on code in the mean time.

    You can find alot of this info and activity on the forums.



    Tested PNRP with the new Garrys Mod Beta. It is confermed, the update will break PostNukrRP, but its what we expected. The errors that I got during the test are the errors that I expected. Soon we will start the process of converting PNRP from datastreams to the new netcode. It is my hopes that we will be able to have the Patch live when the new version of Garrys Mod goes live.

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