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  1. The Hoster from Hell


    Bit off the beaten track from the stuff I generally post, but I thought I would give the world a bit of fair warning about these guys.

    As you know TBU (The Builders Union) has a Minecraft server. In a effort to improve performance and stability we looked at a few VPS Hosters, one in particular had some good prices. One of those cases of too good to be true it seems.

    The hoster in question is By no means would I ever recommend these guys. Their site indicates that you get “Instant setup” when you purchase a server. It has now been almost 48 hours since we purchased the server and still no setup. To answer some of the devils advocates out there, they charged and received payment shortly after purchase, so no wait there for them getting their money. I understand that its a holiday weekend, but two things on that. One, we purchased this Wed night, and they never responded saying they were gone or anything. I have been in contact with their Live chat several times, and the popular response that I get is “you will get your email soon”. We have placed a ticket with their billing, and have made attempts to contact them through live chat, but it seems even the people on their support chat cant get a response from their own billing department.

    All in all, rants aside. I would not suggest these guys, and they should at least remove the “Instant setup” bit from their page.

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