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  1. Patch Notes 26

    1. Fixed Tools bug on Turrets
    2. Fixed Sleep Stuck Bug
    3. Fixed Sleep Ammo Bug
    4. Removed ability to sleep when in crouch
    5. Added new HUD
    6. Mob Spawner and Resource Spawner now dynamic according to number of players on the server.
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  2. Patch Notes 25

    1. Fixed Car Inventory Window Bug
    2. Fixed Duplicate Car from disconnect
    3. Fixed Prop Protection
    4. Added function to clean up players Tools and Vehicles once they are returned on
    5. Added Hud indicator for Prop cost and Voice Limiter
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  3. Patch Notes 24


    Yep, been needing this for a while, the WorldCache system should keep anyone from loosing items in the Tools and Vehicles categories. Oh, can now weld Turrets.

    1. Added WorldCache System
    2. Added Rag doll affect when asleep
    3. Fixed Bug with welding Turrets.
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  4. Patch Notes 21 and 22


    Going to start including version numbers to make posts less confusing.

    We also verified that PostNukeRP seems to work well with rd_omgcity_r1 and have created a spawn grid for it. It is now available on the Live Server.

    R21 Path Notes:

    1. Endurance System Added (Phase 1 Version)
    2. /sleep and /wake functions Added
    3. Fixed Progressive HP recovery
    4. Added reference HUD bar (Look down when you log in)

    I have also included relevant material in both the Help window in the game and on the site.

    R22 Path Notes:

    1. Added more sounds to the chat voice system.
    2. Chat Voice now has separate voices for both male and female models.
    3. Quick Chat Window added, accessed via the C key.
    4. Fixed Prop/Door Ownership Bug
    5. Admin Create All now allows admins to create anything from the shop menu
      regardless of class.
    6. Increased Endurance recharg rate when asleep.
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  5. New Patch for PostNukeRP

    1. Progressive HP Recovery (1HP per 60sec)
    2. Added Set/Release Ownership command (/setowner or F12)
    3. Doors can be locked or unlocked via Hands using Alt+Mouse1 or Alt+Mouse2
    4. Cars can now be locked same as doors
    5. Admin override of ownership added (Admin Touch All)
    6. Limited Door Ownership set via Convar
    7. Max Ownership added to Admin Window.
    8. Turrets can no longer be picked up or placed in inventory if owned by someone else.
    9. World props can no longer be moved via phys gun.
    10. Ammo dropped from car bug fixed.
    11. No longer able to dupe Weapons or turrets.
    12. Updated Help File.
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  6. Updates to PostNukeRP

    1. Added Class Change Cost (Toggle and Cost settings in Admin Panel)
    2. Added Death Resource Penalty Cost (Can also be set in Admin Panel)
    3. Scavenger now starts with less HP (75 HP)
    4. /stowgun command added. can now move active gun to inventory.
    5. Bug that allowed players to add junk and build items to inventory fixed.
    6. Fixed so Non Ammo Weapons will not save on exit.
    7. Grenades nto dropping more than one or saving more than one fixed.
    8. Voice Limiter Fixed.
    9. Prop Protection Removal tool bug fixed.
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