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GMDev Forums Migration
Eldar Storm | June 21st, 2012

Due to me moving I am starting the planned migration of the GMDev forums to

I have had this planned for a while now, but had not gotten around to it. The forums are the development forums for Radioactive Cricket, so the move makes sense anyway. Once the move is compleat I will update the link on the PostNuke website. I will also be adding the forums link to the main Radioactive Cricket site as well.

The new location will be

Also, due to the move, the dev domain will be down. I am also going to see about migrating the old webserver to the game dev box to consolodate space (the primary server, aka webserver, is a old Socket A AMD XP 3500). So the old server needs to be retired. Its acually amazing the thing has run without a hitch since I built the thing back around 2003 or so.

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TBU Servers New Forums
Eldar Storm | April 30th, 2012

Posting this here for all the TBU people on our server. Metroidfighter has installed new forums that can be accessed here

For all TBU related stuff, please post visit the TBU Forums.

For everything related to PNRP, keep using the existing forums. If you post bugs or sugestions for PNRP on the TBU forums, they may not get added to the list or even ptu into consideration. So be sure to use the correct forums.

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XFactor to Fragnet migration
Eldar Storm | April 11th, 2012

Servers will be down for a bit today while Fragnet migrates the servers from XFactor. This will mean we should be on a faster server once this is done and should help with the lag that we have been dealing with.

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Updated Rules for the PNRP Server
Eldar Storm | April 6th, 2012

Since alot of prople seem to have a lack of understanding for some terms, and others are gettign a bit chaotic. We have defined more rules and such on the TBU Website

I have also included a deffinition section on the page as well. If everyone followes these rules like they are supposed to, it should balance out alot of the chaos that has been going on recently.

Above all, listen to the Admins and Owners.

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New GMod 13 Beta Keys really soon
Eldar Storm | March 31st, 2012

In about 50min from this post new keys will be released. He is supposed to be releasing 10k keys.


Countdown here:


Get the Key here:


Goodluck everyone!

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Wasteland 2 (Yes thats right)
Eldar Storm | March 30th, 2012

Wasteland Box Cover

I imagin many do not remember this game since its before their time, but this is the game that started Post Nuke themed games. This is the beginning of it all, and there is now going to be a squal, Wasteland 2.

The original game came out for Commodore 64, Apple II’s, and Dos. You can still find free downloads for it using google, and it can be run in DosBox.

Here are a few links with more info.

And yes, if your wondering, this is what got me started on Post Nuke themed stuff.

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PNRP New Food, Changes, and Beta Testing
Eldar Storm | March 26th, 2012

Few things:
New Food Item added later this week
So in a effort to add some stuff to the live server in the mean time, we will be adding a new food item this weekend that was created by Postman. This should help alot with food issues and such.

Patch Notes
Some Patch Notes so far, you can get the more up to date list here.

  • Replaced Datastreams with new net code
  • Old dcoloredbox.lua now included in gamemode
  • Fixed Admin menu (was broekn due to derma changes)
  • Fixed Community Menu
  • Fixed Tab Icons (silkicons) and changed a few
  • Fixed Inventory
  • Fixed Car Inventory
  • Fixed Trade Menu
  • Fixed Equipment menu
  • Fixed 357 ammo
  • Fixed Skills menu
  • Fixed Prop block menu
  • Fixed HUD Font Issue
  • Spawn grid converted to SQL
  • Inventory converted to SQL
  • Community converted to SQL
  • Player Data converted to SQL
  • New Community Titles
  • New RP Names added
  • New Profile system added
  • New Profile Picker menu added at startup
  • New HUD added (pnrp_HUD 3)
  • Construction system re-write
  • World Cache SQL Update
  • Processes removed
  • Press E on resources auto swaps to hands
  • Progress bar added to Gathering
  • Progress bar added to Construction
  • Resources now is based on number of tries than amount of resources
  • Items can now be hidden from the shop menu (Oranges)

Beta Testing
In the near future we will start opening up the Dev server for beta testing. To be eligible, you will need to be at least respected or above on the Live PostNukeRP server. You will also need a Garrys Mod 13 beta key, if you do not have one, you can try to pick on up next weekend. Watch Garry’s Twitter for more details on when they will be released.

Just remember, just becouse you have a key, does not mean you gain access to the server. I will post more on this when we get closer to beta testing.

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PNRP Progress
Eldar Storm | March 20th, 2012

As you know we have been working on PNRP alot recently. So far the patching is going good, we have converted most ofthe systems to SQL, Lost is currently working on Grubs, and the new profle system should be in place.

Profile Picker

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Eldar Storm | March 14th, 2012

At long last, Beta 2 of Wasted Waters is out. It has allready been uploaded to the live server and is ready for use.
The main point of this version is to test the lag fixes that have been done to the map.
The lighting on the map has been updated. I know there are a few issues on this map and they will be fixed on beta 3.

Some known issues:
Big shadows in the hanger
Various Soundscape issues
Weather cariable will probably be adjusted more later on.

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Update Progress and Player Data
Eldar Storm | February 27th, 2012

Good news and Bad news

Good news is, updates are going good on PNRP, we got alot done tonight. The HUD issues are fixed, Weapon Icons are fixed, Spawn Grid is now fixed. We had a glon issue with the Spawn Grid, so we made that system the first one to be moved to sqlLight.

Hud issue was with the font we were using, it seems to be bugged, so we are now using a new one. Weapon issue is a similar issue, but is now fixed.

Medium News: With moving the spawn grid to SQL, we will have to redo the spawn grids for the maps (not a big deal really)

Bad News: In light of the fact that there are currently 7780 files at about 2MB in the Player Save folder only (Thats not counting Inventory files), player data will be lost in this update.

I know that this will make a few mad, and it was not a light decision by me and Lost, but with that many files it will be near to impossible to import them into the new SQL system. As it is, that many player files is one of the reasons it lags so much when a player connects. Just creating a function to try and make a list of everyone who has joined crashes the server.

So, keep in mind, this is Beta. The new system on top of the new net code from Garry will make it run a whole lot faster.

And no, we will not be reimbursing player inventories when the server us updates, to do so on this scale is unreasonable and near to impossible, so please dont ask us to.

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