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PNRP Status and Wiki
Eldar Storm | October 29th, 2012

Still working on the PNRP Update.
Currently Finished: Vendor, Player Storage, Paper.
Close to Finished: Power System

Have also started working on closing loose ends with some of the protection stuff. Weapins and SEnt’s are blocked from spawning.
I will also be looking at Moding Evovle to use as a Admin tool for the PNRP Server. There is a SVN for GMod 13, but it only works with Sandbox.

The new Wiki is online, but dont expect too much on it yet, we are still updating it. http://postnukerp.com/wiki/

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PostNukeRP GMod 13 Update
Eldar Storm | October 24th, 2012

Good news and bad news.
The day for Garrys Mod 13 has come, and the bad new is that we have not been able to get everything needed done on PNRP for its release.
There is still alot to do and alot to fix. The current status of it is that its testable, but not playable.

The good news, we have made alot of progress with new systems, and the gamemode is runnign a whole lot smoother with the new GMod 13 updates and the rewrite we did to alot of the code.

Current To DO List (Know I probably missed some items)
Power system (Lost is currently working on this.
Player Lockers (I will be starting this shortly)
Fix on HUD 2 (the last update to GMod broke it)
Block some of the stuff in the new C Menu (Resizing Mobs for example)
Fix the C Menu for voice again
Test every single system to make sure nothing buggs out.
Fix the spawn grid Editor (Broke on the last update)
Several other things I am sure I forgot to put here

Other good news, the new player Vending Machine is done and fuilly working. Player Communities can now set a Title on a player. New tag above players now shows the player’s name, community, and title.

Q: So, what will happen with the PNRP server until PNRP is ready?
A: We will probably convert it to a build server in the short term.

Q: How long will it take to get the update out?
A: Do not know exactly, hopefully soon.

Q: Will my player save data still be there?
A: No, the old system for saving player data is not compatable with the new system, and no there is not a way to convert it.

Q: Will all my dupes be gone from the server
A: They should remain on the server, I will be backing up the data folder on the server.

Q: Is the Criminal system getting still getting added.
A: We are still planning on it, but sometime after we get it ready for GMod 13

As always, check here, the forums, or my twitter for more info on whats going on. Any questions, please post them on the forums.

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GMod 13 New Release Date, PNRP News, and GMod 12
Eldar Storm | September 14th, 2012

Fist thing, Garry has pushed the update to GMod 13 to Oct 24. This is acually good since it gives us more time to iron out some of the recent bugs in PNRP.

PNRP News: We are on track for PNRP to be updated to GMod 13 when it releases. We will still be releasing PNRP to the public some time in Nov. Nov will mark the 3 Year anniversary of PNRP.

GMod 12 News: There is currently a bug that is causing crashes on GMod 12. Garry is aware of it and is working on a fix.

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Garrys Mod 13 Release
Eldar Storm | August 2nd, 2012

Garry’s Mod 13 will be releasing on Sep 24th. We still have some work left to do on the PNRP server before the release, but we will be ready.
Bit of a Q/A on what to expect.

Q. Will players loose thier data on the server.
A. Yes, and no we will nto be making efforts to recover it.

Q. Is PNRP getting released to the public?
A. Yes, soon after the release of GMod 13 we will be releasing PNRP to the public.

Q. Why soon after?
A. We want to make sure there are no game breaking bugs.

Q. How soon is “soon”?
A. Maybee a week or two.

Q. Are you going to add more content after release?
A. Yes. There are several features and planned ideas that we want/need to add.

Q. Is the live server still going to use ASSMod?
A. Yes, we will be using the version that was updated and made available to the Workshop.

Q. Where can I go to post suggestions and Bugs?
A. The Dev forums: http://radioactivecricket.com/forums/

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GMDev Forums Migration
Eldar Storm | June 21st, 2012

Due to me moving I am starting the planned migration of the GMDev forums to radioactivecricket.com.

I have had this planned for a while now, but had not gotten around to it. The forums are the development forums for Radioactive Cricket, so the move makes sense anyway. Once the move is compleat I will update the link on the PostNuke website. I will also be adding the forums link to the main Radioactive Cricket site as well.

The new location will be http://radioactivecricket.com/forums/

Also, due to the move, the thercs.net dev domain will be down. I am also going to see about migrating the old webserver to the game dev box to consolodate space (the primary server, aka webserver, is a old Socket A AMD XP 3500). So the old server needs to be retired. Its acually amazing the thing has run without a hitch since I built the thing back around 2003 or so.

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TBU Servers New Forums
Eldar Storm | April 30th, 2012

Posting this here for all the TBU people on our server. Metroidfighter has installed new forums that can be accessed here http://tbuservers.net/forum/index.php

For all TBU related stuff, please post visit the TBU Forums.

For everything related to PNRP, keep using the existing forums. If you post bugs or sugestions for PNRP on the TBU forums, they may not get added to the list or even ptu into consideration. So be sure to use the correct forums.

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XFactor to Fragnet migration
Eldar Storm | April 11th, 2012

Servers will be down for a bit today while Fragnet migrates the servers from XFactor. This will mean we should be on a faster server once this is done and should help with the lag that we have been dealing with.

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Updated Rules for the PNRP Server
Eldar Storm | April 6th, 2012

Since alot of prople seem to have a lack of understanding for some terms, and others are gettign a bit chaotic. We have defined more rules and such on the TBU Website


I have also included a deffinition section on the page as well. If everyone followes these rules like they are supposed to, it should balance out alot of the chaos that has been going on recently.

Above all, listen to the Admins and Owners.

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New GMod 13 Beta Keys really soon
Eldar Storm | March 31st, 2012

In about 50min from this post new keys will be released. He is supposed to be releasing 10k keys.


Countdown here:



Get the Key here:



Goodluck everyone!

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Wasteland 2 (Yes thats right)
Eldar Storm | March 30th, 2012

Wasteland Box Cover

I imagin many do not remember this game since its before their time, but this is the game that started Post Nuke themed games. This is the beginning of it all, and there is now going to be a squal, Wasteland 2.

The original game came out for Commodore 64, Apple II’s, and Dos. You can still find free downloads for it using google, and it can be run in DosBox.

Here are a few links with more info.



And yes, if your wondering, this is what got me started on Post Nuke themed stuff.

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